Though the Swamees are firmly rooted in San Francisco, their music sounds as if it drifted off some Louisiana swampland. The band mixes folk subtlety, greasy chicken-shack funk, and country swagger in a pig iron cauldron of molten rock psychedelia. The Swamees are JUSTIN ACHZIGER on drums and vocals, DAN MARCUS on lead guitar and vocals, DENNIS MOORE on rhythm guitar and vocals, and MATT YATES on bass and vocals. All four members contribute to writing songs that pay homage to the traditional without being derivative. The tribal intensity of the rhythm section lays a solid foundation for the rich vocal harmonies and incendiary guitar work. The Swamees aren't a jamband per se but at times the raw emotion simply cannot be contained in the three minute song format. The result is a diverse musical landscape that stretches from the brutal to the serene and all places in between.