Full Blooded Mutt by the Swamees If band members from Lagwagon and Umphrey's McGee got together in the swamps of Mississippi to make a swingin' honky-tonk album, you'd have Full Blooded Mutt from The Swamees. Like a clash of punk and country rock combined with a jam band sensibility, The Swamees have created an album that transcends genres and will get your head nodding without even realizing it. The track "Steak & Eggs" is like sending your ears on a roadtrip down the rural two-lane blacktop in late August. An electric guitar rolls like the steel wheels of a freight train clicking down the tracks and a bluesy harmonica leaves you pining for the open roads of the southern U.S. The album takes a mellower turn on "Unified Mind" where the band's psychedelic rock roots really show. A hypnotizing bass line zips through drowsy, happy lyrics that flow like a mid afternoon nap in the shade. Full Blooded Mutt is definitely worth picking up. A truly revolutionary album.” - Sam Craig

IPC Express